Well, we havesnowy-night snow in the Carolina’s which doesn’t happen too terribly often. It started snowing yesterday evening around 5. That picture to the right was taken around 7 PM from my bedroom window. I love how you can actually see the snowflakes falling in the picture!

We ended up with about 4-5 inches. (I know, nothing compared to our northern friends but we live in the south so it’s big sleddingsledding1news here!) We also had some snow thunder Sunday night, which I had never even heard of. Our power flickered on and off a few times Sunday night but never went out completely, thank goodness. The television didn’t work for hours but I could live with out that for a bit – power would have been harder to live without.

So they told J not to come in to work, which I’m so glad that they did because people traveling around the same time and same route as what he would have been were stuck on the Interstate for 8 – 12 HOURS!! Holy smokes!snowball1

Of course, school was cancelled too. We took Noah out in the snow for a little bit. He of course loved sliding in his blue sled on the wheelchair er, uh, I mean sled ramp. J taught him how to make a tired-sleddersnowball and they threw a couple at me. (At my feet, don’t worry!) Playing in the snow made Noah tired quickly, he even tried to take a nap in his sled! So he came inside ate lunch and took a nap.

It’s getting slushy out there at the moment but I suspect it will melt (that’s the weather man is saying) tonight and we’ll awake to ice and another snow day.