This past week was harder to take pictures daily, not for any particular reason other than I was just tired and didn’t feel like thinking of what to take a picture of. Ha! But I stuck with it anyways so here are the latest P365!

Sunday March 1
Taken at about 7PM from my bedroom window. See the snowflakes falling! march-11

Monday March 2
Noah had a snow day today and we played in the little bit of snow there was. He had a good time!

Tuesday March 3
Happy Birthday (a day late) Dr. Seuss. Noah loves all the rhyming in Seuss books.

Wednesday March 4
One of my favorite stores

Thursday March 5
I love crafting!

Friday March 6
Playing with my camera in the mirror again.

Saturday March 7
I just love these little packages of decorative tissues. They fit great in a purse or pocket. I think this might be my new thing.

That’s it for this week!!

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