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I’ve been a bit behind on creating the week layouts of my Project 365 pictures. I’m doing things a little bit different as opposed to some of the other layouts I’ve seen.

I’m doing one week on a page as opposed to one week on two pages like others. This will cut down on the number of pages needed and I’ll be able to have everything in one book.

I’m also breaking things up by month. Each month will have a “cover page” where I’m choosing a favorite picture from that particular month. And each month will have its own color scheme.

So, here are the layouts from January….. 


 January Cover Page
Credits –
Papers: True Blue from A Work in Progress
Snowflakes: Winter Convoyby PinkuPixie Designs
Calendar: Sueli Colbert Designs
Word Art: Me

Jan Week One and Week Two form a two page layout.
Credits –
Paper: Winter Blues by Princess Kate Designs
Days of the Week Strips, Date Circles, and Notebook paper: Life 365 by Weeds and Wildflowers
Template: Me



Week Three and Four also form a two page layout.
Credits –
Paper: Chill Factor by
Snowman and Winter Word Art:  Winter Blues by Princess Kate Designs
Date and Days of the Week Labels: Life 365 by Weeds and Wildflowers
Template: By Me (You can download it here if you like.)


Last of Jan Credits:
Paper and snowflakes from Winter Blues by Princess Kate Designs


Here’s the photos from the first week of P365 along with the journaling that goes with them.  Although, I have only been doing this for a little over a week at this point, I’m really enjoying it. It’s making me appreciate the little things in life. Some days it is really hard to choose just one photo!! While being a Mom is the center of who I am, I’m really making a conscious effort to include more than just photos of Noah because I am more than just a Mom. I really want this book to end up being MY interpretation of MY world through MY lens in 2009. (which is what I”m thinking the title will end up being)

I’m still working on the first layout but probably won’t get it done till next week. I’ll share it when I do though. Some people are doing their layouts by weeks, “week one, week 2” and so on, but I think I might break mine into months and do a monthly page with a cover photo using my favorite photo from the month then simply scrap the “pics of the day” through out the month. I need to keep it simple or I won’t stick with it though! I do think I’ll try and post my photos from the previous week here on my blog every Friday….

Day 1/Thursday January 1

The start of a New Year, a clean slate.  It’s not a fancy photo but I like what it represents. It’s a calendar that was a gift from a friend and I have a purse addiction so the calendar is very ME. It seemed a fitting photo of a new year for a new project and a clean slate for ‘09.

Day 2/Friday January 2
jan-2My boys watching the Gator Bowl on TV. Clemson lost the bowl game but my boys still look smashing in their matching jerseys.

Day 3/Saturday January 3

Noah just loves to look out that window. That’s the window in our bedroom so he has to lie on our bed to look out of it. I call him our little greeter because he will look out the window when he knows that someone is coming over and then he will get all excited yelling when they finally arrive.


Day 4/Sunday January 4
Although my Dad’s birthday is actually New Year’s Eve we didn’t have a chance to celebrate it as a family until today. My Dad is 58 years young.


Day 5/Monday January 5 


My first self portrait using my new tripod that I got for Christmas. It took me a few minutes to get used to the tripod but once I did, it worked and I did pretty well I think. (At least for my first self portrait with a tripod photo) And while this photo isn’t that glamorous, I like it. Even though I’m in my fuzzy pink snowflake robe with wet hair and no make up at 7 am in the morning, I like it! I’m drinking my caramel truffle coffee after putting my son on the bus for his first day back from Christmas vacation. I’m basking in the solitude and silence!

Day 6/ Tuesday January 6




I’ve been trying to get a photo of Noah in his hooded Cars blanket since he received it for Christmas. He finally let me as he was being a goofball tonight after his bath.

Day 7/ Wednesday January 7



Some days it’s just about the simple things – today is one of those days. These are my favorite socks.
That’s it for week one!



I am contemplating doing Project 365 for 2009 which means I would start on New Year’s Day.

You may be wondering what Project 365 is. In a nutshell, you take a photo every single day of the year for the entire year. Of course, there will be photos of the special events in life like birthdays and holidays but even if you don’t have anything exciting going on that day, you still snap a photo of something in your life. I’ve seen other bloggers mention it before or do it before but recently read about it on a digital scrapbooking blog I frequent as Creating Keepsakes (a scrapbooking magazine) is offering a new Project 365 scrapbooking kit.

When explaining this to my BFF one of her initial questions was would I be taking photos of myself or Noah or what? Well, that’s just it – since it would be my project and my interpretation of my year then it could be photos of anything in my life; anything that has importance or matters to me at the time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people. For example, one day I could take a photo of my favorite pair of shoes or maybe something extravagant I made for dinner.

But what’s the point of taking a photo every single day you ask? Well to each person it probably means something a little different but in the years to come it will be a great way to reflect back at this age and stage of my life. One suggestion I read was to photograph things such as a gas station displaying the current price of gas. I think something like that will be interesting to look back on from years from now to not only look back on my own small world but the world at large.
So, what do you do with these 365 photos? Some people post them on Flickr or on their personal blogs and while I may do that (if that part becomes more work or too much of a hassle then I won’t do it) My ultimate goal is to scrapbook these photos. After reading some of the ideas from other digi scrapbooking addicts like myself, I think that I will scrapbook the photos in a two page layout that will feature two weeks worth of (so that’s 14) photos. I’ll make the layouts very simple as this is more about the photos than the embellishments of the layouts. Once I do my first layout, I’ll have a template and can just use the same template over and over and just plug in different photos and journaling.
And you’re probably thinking that it seems a little overwhelming, eh? Well, yes, it seems big and overwhelming which is probably why I have never even considered it before but looking at it broken down into increments makes it seem much more do-able. After all it’s only one photo a day and I take a ton of photos anyways! I can manage this. From the testimonies of others it will be a very neat way to record a year and something I won’t forget.

Have you participated in Project 365 before? If so, did ya love it or hate it?

Or if you have never participated, does it sound interesting to you? Does it sound like something you might get into? Here’s a few links that I have found helpful in case you want more information….
How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way – Great explanation and breakdown of Project 365.
Taylor McKnight’s Recap – This guy did Project 365 in 2004 and 2007 and recaps his experiences.
A Free Template
 There’s a free template to digital scrapbook some of the photos from Project 365 and this designer is promising more.
List of Ideas –
This is a great list of 365 ideas to get you started and keep you going.
If you’re doing Project 365 and you are blogging about it, leave me a link to your blog so I can come cheer you on!

I’ve added some links and participants to the blogroll on the right all relating to the digital scrapbooking version of Project 365.

Updated to Add:
3/9/09 – Thus far Project 365 is going well and making me appreciate the “little things” of my everyday life.  Check out all my Project 365 pictures and posts here.

I’ve made (freebie!) templates from a few of my layouts. You can download them here.

There’s some great P365 templates here.

I recently entered the Fall Frenzy Layout Contest at one of my new fave digi scrapbooking websites, Shabby Pumpkin. For the layout contest you had to create a layout using one of the Shabby Pumpkin kits. I chose to use the Sawyer’s Room Kit and paired it with the photo I shared not too long ago that I call, Boys in Blue.

So, head over to Shabby Pumpkin and vote for my layout. And pick up a (FREE!!) kit or two while you are there!










I just love that shirt! I actually found that shirt at WalMart. I was suprised to find an ASL shirt in just a regular ole’ store. Typically, I can only find things like that online!

Paper – Silver Rocket Scraps
Clip – From Beautiful Day Kit by Danielle
Overlay – Grunge Overlay from My Wish Kit by Aja Abney
Name Tag – My Own Creation

More Wordless Wednesday

As mentioned in the previous post, I created another word art. You can download it here if you like. I thought it worked really great for the picture of me, my mom, and my son as shown in the layout.

When I had just started creating my Mother’s Day layout Noah came over to the computer, sat in my lap as he often does, and wanted to help. So we ended up with two layouts for Mother’s Day 2008; one created by Noah and one created by me. I created my own word art again and will post it in another post.

Noah is very proud of his layout. He did a good job and he’s getting good at working the mouse with my help so this was good for his motor and computer skills as well. So, here’s both layouts!

Noah’s page:

Credits for Noah’s Page:
Paper: Sunshine Days Paper Pack by Little Rocket Scraps
Flowers: Summer Doodles by Angelica E.

My Page:

My Page Credits:
Template: Neeceebee Designs
Word Art: Me
Everything else: Field of Dasies Kit by Scrappin Obsession

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