It’s been one of those weeks around here where I’m very glad the week is almost over! Nothing too disastrous has happened but it’s just all the little things piled into one week.


It started with J and I both getting sick at the same time. We both started feeling bad Tuesday morning and by Wednesday ended up with “his and her doctor appointments.” (We’re trying to start a new trend for couples. haha) Anyways, J has bronchitis and I have walking pneumonia.


Then in the midst of dealing with all that, my cell phone goes on the fritz. It was saying “emergency only” on it and I couldn’t dial out, receive calls, or text messages!


Then the computer went wonky on me! Actually, it was more a network problem and not a problem with the actual computer. I could get online just not access any web pages. If all that weren’t enough, a pipe in the bathroom started leaking and we ended up with water all over the bathroom floor. Good times, let me tell ya!


Luckily though, J is superman. Seriously, he’s my hero. He fixed the cell phone and the computer! Now, the leak in the bathroom he wasn’t as heroic with and we had to call the plumber. J’s beginning to feel a lot better and I’m feeling a little better.


And you’re probably wondering about Noah – he’s not sick. And I’m hoping he doesn’t end up that way. He’s been very good this week; hyper but good. He’s been my little “Dr. Noah” giving me ouchie kisses, telling me to cover up and drink, and putting his hand on my forehead like I do when I’m trying to see if he has a fever!


I hope next week is a little less bumpy than this week has been!


This weekend, well on Sunday to be exact, J and I are going to travel a few hours away and spend the night at my BFF’s house as I have an appointment at Emory Medical University first thing Monday morning. This appointment is to meet with a corneal specialist there to discuss the vision loss in my left eye and see what the next step should be. I’m so ready to get answers and know exactly what should happen next as it seems like this has been taking forever to treat but I’m also nervous and anxious. I know I shouldn’t be nervous and anxious but going to doctors is never a fun thing!

I’ll be leaving Noah here and my parents and my niece will be taking turns caring for him at different times while we are gone. I’m nervous about that too! I know he is in good hands though, we’ve just had some medication problems lately and he’s been handful.

So, I’d appreciate if you keep all of us in your prayers over the weekend and first of the week! I’ll update you after I know more.

Well the contacts only lasted for two days! They were pretty problematic and I ended up with an infection in my right eye, the good eye. So, my eye doctor decided that it wasn’t worth it and we would stop using the contacts. He is now sending me to the corneal specialist to discuss the next step, which will most likely be the cornea transplant! It’s all pretty scary but I just want to see clearly without headaches and squinting again – I’ll do whatever it takes to see again!

So I got contacts yesterday as scheduled. These are not so much for visionary purposes as they are to be a buffer between my cornea and eye lid. The left eye is my bad eye and it took FOREVER to get the left contact in. The lady helping me was SO patient and helpful and taught me how to do it all step by step. Finally, we got the left in and then the right was easy compared to the left.

The left hurt. It felt tight and irritated. My dr. looked at it and admitted that he was surprised we even got it in there. We took it out and tried a different fit but same problem. He said I should take it slow and that if the left was going to work, it was ok, we’d do what we could with the right. I left with the left contact in but ended up taking it back out on the way home because it made me feel so ill.

I wore the right one for a few hours as instructed then took it out with no problems. I was going to attempt to wear them both to Noah’s baseball game to show my parents (not that you can see them but hey, I’m proud – this is the girl who NEVER ever wanted contacts because touching your eyes is icky icky ICKY!) but I couldn’t get the left in at all and then only had a minute to try and get the right in. I got frustrated and just put them back in the pretty pink and green case I treated myself too for even agreeing to attempt this because ew, touching your eye, is ewwww!

I go back to the doctor on Thursday so we’ll see what step is next.

Things have been so hectic I haven’t had much time to update. I have lots of pictures to show and hopefully will be able to do that in the upcoming days. But first, an update on my eyes.

I went to a new doctor last week; partially for a second opinion and partially because he is “in network” per my insurance. I had been praying for the right doctor, someone I felt comfortable with and knew about KC. I didn’t know this doctor’s name until he introduced himself – his name is Dr. Anderson which is Noah’s middle name and my brother’s first name. It may be a small coincidence to some but after talking to the doctor and feeling comfortable with him, I feel like that was my sign. He called me after my appointment to go over some things with me and when I didn’t answer, he left his cell phone number. I have never had a doctor leave me his cell number before!

He re-affirmed what the other doctor said that my left eye is very damaged. Also, because of my misshapen cornea (that’s part of KC) my eye lid is scratching the cornea causing corneal erosion. So we are going to try a soft contact lens (not for vision purposes, but for healing purposes) to create a buffer between my cornea and eye lid and see if my eye can handle it. If not, then it’s off to a corneal specialist for me.

On the phone, he shared that he’d already spoken with the corneal specialist he would refer me to so I asked his name and googled him. In the photo on his website, he was wearing a Clemson hat. Most of the men in my immediate family are die hard Clemson fans so that was sign number two that I might finally be on the right path. I sure hope so. I just want to see again!

I am frustrated! I’m frustrated with the insurance company because they have denied to pay for the needed treatment for my eyes. Yes, they are paying for the medicines and eye drops but I need hard contact lens to pushed against my curved corneas – glasses won’t work. I understand why they won’t work but it’s too hard for me to try and explain here. Finally, after many calls, the insurance company will pay 250 of it if I switch to an “in network” doctor. We weren’t aware that my current doctor was out of network.

I’m also frustrated with my eyes. My left eye continues to worsen. Everything looks blurry in that eye too much! The mornings are the worse and then finally things will go into a clearer focus.

I’m frustrated because I’m not a very patient person and I want things better NOW not tomorrow, not next week, right NOW! I’m trying to be patient and do the best I can until then. I have a consultation with another doctor this upcoming week.

I mentioned validation in my title. The validation came in when I talked to my Uncle this week. My Mom mentioned to me this week that my Uncle was blind in one eye. I’m sure I had been told this before but I didn’t remember it. So I gave my Uncle a call. Talking to him was very validating because some of the things I’m experiencing and feel weird or self conscious about, he has already experienced and made me feel less alone and less crazy!

I recently (as in last week) was diagnosed with an eye condition called keratoconus (sometimes referred to as “KC”) Here’s a small blurb about KC.  

KC is a degenerative disease of the eye in which structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and curve causing a substantial loss and distortion of vision. It usually reaches its severe state in the patients late twenties, early thirties.

My vision had been getting worse and I honestly thought I just needed new glasses and had been waiting for it to have been a year since I got my last pair as my insurance only pays for one pair of glasses a year. So, I went to the eye doctor thinking I needed new glasses. She realized that glasses were not going to help me and sent me to a specialist for more testing and that specialist diagnosed me with KC. I have KC in both eyes but my left eye is in the advanced stages and I may have to have a cornea transplant in that eye.

At this point, I’m cleaning and sterilizing my eyes with drops every 2-3 hours and then I go back to the doctor and we will talk about what to do next.

My vision in my left eye seems worse the past few days. I don’t know if it actually is worse or if I’m just more aware of it now that I know something is actually wrong. I can’t be on the computer for long periods of time at the moment and when I can tolerate it right now, I have to use my time wisely and do the things I get paid for first and then do the fun things, like write in this blog!

So, this blog may have to take a backseat for a bit. I do have several posts almost finished that I was working on before all of this so maybe I will finish those soon. I just wanted to let all of you know what’s up in case you were wondering why I wasn’t writing here as much as usual….

I’d appreciate your prayers as dealing with this whole eye thing is scary!