It’s been one of those weeks around here where I’m very glad the week is almost over! Nothing too disastrous has happened but it’s just all the little things piled into one week.


It started with J and I both getting sick at the same time. We both started feeling bad Tuesday morning and by Wednesday ended up with “his and her doctor appointments.” (We’re trying to start a new trend for couples. haha) Anyways, J has bronchitis and I have walking pneumonia.


Then in the midst of dealing with all that, my cell phone goes on the fritz. It was saying “emergency only” on it and I couldn’t dial out, receive calls, or text messages!


Then the computer went wonky on me! Actually, it was more a network problem and not a problem with the actual computer. I could get online just not access any web pages. If all that weren’t enough, a pipe in the bathroom started leaking and we ended up with water all over the bathroom floor. Good times, let me tell ya!


Luckily though, J is superman. Seriously, he’s my hero. He fixed the cell phone and the computer! Now, the leak in the bathroom he wasn’t as heroic with and we had to call the plumber. J’s beginning to feel a lot better and I’m feeling a little better.


And you’re probably wondering about Noah – he’s not sick. And I’m hoping he doesn’t end up that way. He’s been very good this week; hyper but good. He’s been my little “Dr. Noah” giving me ouchie kisses, telling me to cover up and drink, and putting his hand on my forehead like I do when I’m trying to see if he has a fever!


I hope next week is a little less bumpy than this week has been!


Self Portrait - Reading my Bible

Self Portrait - Reading my Bible

For Christmas one of the things on my list was a tripod. My original reason for asking for a tripod was to be able to take posed pictures of Noah easier. While I prefer candid photos, there are times that I want posed pictures. Studio pictures just never seem to turn out too well with him so I’ve decided to just take my own from now on and thought a tripod would be helpful in this manner.

I did receive a tripod for Christmas. I waited until school started back up to use it and played with it on the first day Noah went back to school. I took some self portraits that day and it was fun! I went to use it again later and it broke!. I think that my camera might have been too heavy for that type of tripod.

My parents were nice enough to buy me another one and I got it last week. Since I got it, I have been taking a lot of self portraits and still haven’t used it for the purpose I had intended. I didn’t realize taking self portraits would end up being so fun!

I’m still learning and getting used to using a tripod as well as the timer on my camera that lets me be able to take self portraits. I aspire to take self portraits as creative and good as this gal’s. Although, I don’t look so hot in this picture, there’s still something about it that I like.

It feels a smidge self absorbed to take self portraits so I’ve had that song “You’re So Vain” (by Carly Simon) stuck in my head.

You’re so vain,
You probably think this song is about you.
You’re so vain,
I’ll bet you think this song is about you.
Don’t you? Don’t you?

Here’s the photos from the first week of P365 along with the journaling that goes with them.  Although, I have only been doing this for a little over a week at this point, I’m really enjoying it. It’s making me appreciate the little things in life. Some days it is really hard to choose just one photo!! While being a Mom is the center of who I am, I’m really making a conscious effort to include more than just photos of Noah because I am more than just a Mom. I really want this book to end up being MY interpretation of MY world through MY lens in 2009. (which is what I”m thinking the title will end up being)

I’m still working on the first layout but probably won’t get it done till next week. I’ll share it when I do though. Some people are doing their layouts by weeks, “week one, week 2” and so on, but I think I might break mine into months and do a monthly page with a cover photo using my favorite photo from the month then simply scrap the “pics of the day” through out the month. I need to keep it simple or I won’t stick with it though! I do think I’ll try and post my photos from the previous week here on my blog every Friday….

Day 1/Thursday January 1

The start of a New Year, a clean slate.  It’s not a fancy photo but I like what it represents. It’s a calendar that was a gift from a friend and I have a purse addiction so the calendar is very ME. It seemed a fitting photo of a new year for a new project and a clean slate for ‘09.

Day 2/Friday January 2
jan-2My boys watching the Gator Bowl on TV. Clemson lost the bowl game but my boys still look smashing in their matching jerseys.

Day 3/Saturday January 3

Noah just loves to look out that window. That’s the window in our bedroom so he has to lie on our bed to look out of it. I call him our little greeter because he will look out the window when he knows that someone is coming over and then he will get all excited yelling when they finally arrive.


Day 4/Sunday January 4
Although my Dad’s birthday is actually New Year’s Eve we didn’t have a chance to celebrate it as a family until today. My Dad is 58 years young.


Day 5/Monday January 5 


My first self portrait using my new tripod that I got for Christmas. It took me a few minutes to get used to the tripod but once I did, it worked and I did pretty well I think. (At least for my first self portrait with a tripod photo) And while this photo isn’t that glamorous, I like it. Even though I’m in my fuzzy pink snowflake robe with wet hair and no make up at 7 am in the morning, I like it! I’m drinking my caramel truffle coffee after putting my son on the bus for his first day back from Christmas vacation. I’m basking in the solitude and silence!

Day 6/ Tuesday January 6




I’ve been trying to get a photo of Noah in his hooded Cars blanket since he received it for Christmas. He finally let me as he was being a goofball tonight after his bath.

Day 7/ Wednesday January 7



Some days it’s just about the simple things – today is one of those days. These are my favorite socks.
That’s it for week one!



This weekend, well on Sunday to be exact, J and I are going to travel a few hours away and spend the night at my BFF’s house as I have an appointment at Emory Medical University first thing Monday morning. This appointment is to meet with a corneal specialist there to discuss the vision loss in my left eye and see what the next step should be. I’m so ready to get answers and know exactly what should happen next as it seems like this has been taking forever to treat but I’m also nervous and anxious. I know I shouldn’t be nervous and anxious but going to doctors is never a fun thing!

I’ll be leaving Noah here and my parents and my niece will be taking turns caring for him at different times while we are gone. I’m nervous about that too! I know he is in good hands though, we’ve just had some medication problems lately and he’s been handful.

So, I’d appreciate if you keep all of us in your prayers over the weekend and first of the week! I’ll update you after I know more.

So I got contacts yesterday as scheduled. These are not so much for visionary purposes as they are to be a buffer between my cornea and eye lid. The left eye is my bad eye and it took FOREVER to get the left contact in. The lady helping me was SO patient and helpful and taught me how to do it all step by step. Finally, we got the left in and then the right was easy compared to the left.

The left hurt. It felt tight and irritated. My dr. looked at it and admitted that he was surprised we even got it in there. We took it out and tried a different fit but same problem. He said I should take it slow and that if the left was going to work, it was ok, we’d do what we could with the right. I left with the left contact in but ended up taking it back out on the way home because it made me feel so ill.

I wore the right one for a few hours as instructed then took it out with no problems. I was going to attempt to wear them both to Noah’s baseball game to show my parents (not that you can see them but hey, I’m proud – this is the girl who NEVER ever wanted contacts because touching your eyes is icky icky ICKY!) but I couldn’t get the left in at all and then only had a minute to try and get the right in. I got frustrated and just put them back in the pretty pink and green case I treated myself too for even agreeing to attempt this because ew, touching your eye, is ewwww!

I go back to the doctor on Thursday so we’ll see what step is next.

Things have been so hectic I haven’t had much time to update. I have lots of pictures to show and hopefully will be able to do that in the upcoming days. But first, an update on my eyes.

I went to a new doctor last week; partially for a second opinion and partially because he is “in network” per my insurance. I had been praying for the right doctor, someone I felt comfortable with and knew about KC. I didn’t know this doctor’s name until he introduced himself – his name is Dr. Anderson which is Noah’s middle name and my brother’s first name. It may be a small coincidence to some but after talking to the doctor and feeling comfortable with him, I feel like that was my sign. He called me after my appointment to go over some things with me and when I didn’t answer, he left his cell phone number. I have never had a doctor leave me his cell number before!

He re-affirmed what the other doctor said that my left eye is very damaged. Also, because of my misshapen cornea (that’s part of KC) my eye lid is scratching the cornea causing corneal erosion. So we are going to try a soft contact lens (not for vision purposes, but for healing purposes) to create a buffer between my cornea and eye lid and see if my eye can handle it. If not, then it’s off to a corneal specialist for me.

On the phone, he shared that he’d already spoken with the corneal specialist he would refer me to so I asked his name and googled him. In the photo on his website, he was wearing a Clemson hat. Most of the men in my immediate family are die hard Clemson fans so that was sign number two that I might finally be on the right path. I sure hope so. I just want to see again!

Today is my birthday! Yes, there are a lot of September birthdays in our family as my Mom’s was the 13th and Charlie’s is next week.

I still love birthdays just as I did when I was kid. Birthdays are usually fun and my family and friends always go out of their way making me feel super loved and spoiled.

I’m turning 32 today and honestly, it doesn’t bother me that much. I know that turning the big 3-oh bothers some people but for me personally the older I get the more opportunities that seem to come my way and the more blessings receive so I say bring it on!

My Mom and I celebrated our birthday together on Sunday. Tonight is also the opening night of Miracle League for the season so that’s where I will be spending my birthday; cheering on my little man and the other kids!

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