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Well, I think things might be working for me here at WordPress again but I am still debating moving this blog over to Blogger. I have been wanting to move to Blogger for sometime now because it is much easier to customize (well in my opinion) and changing things like the color or size of font in a post is much easier than here. But my biggest reason for not moving over to Blogger thus far has been the hassle involved in moving.

So, I’m still debating and will make a decision soon. I have posts from last week to post that I couldn’t get posted because of the server problems I was having that I will post soon too.


Well, we havesnowy-night snow in the Carolina’s which doesn’t happen too terribly often. It started snowing yesterday evening around 5. That picture to the right was taken around 7 PM from my bedroom window. I love how you can actually see the snowflakes falling in the picture!

We ended up with about 4-5 inches. (I know, nothing compared to our northern friends but we live in the south so it’s big sleddingsledding1news here!) We also had some snow thunder Sunday night, which I had never even heard of. Our power flickered on and off a few times Sunday night but never went out completely, thank goodness. The television didn’t work for hours but I could live with out that for a bit – power would have been harder to live without.

So they told J not to come in to work, which I’m so glad that they did because people traveling around the same time and same route as what he would have been were stuck on the Interstate for 8 – 12 HOURS!! Holy smokes!snowball1

Of course, school was cancelled too. We took Noah out in the snow for a little bit. He of course loved sliding in his blue sled on the wheelchair er, uh, I mean sled ramp. J taught him how to make a tired-sleddersnowball and they threw a couple at me. (At my feet, don’t worry!) Playing in the snow made Noah tired quickly, he even tried to take a nap in his sled! So he came inside ate lunch and took a nap.

It’s getting slushy out there at the moment but I suspect it will melt (that’s the weather man is saying) tonight and we’ll awake to ice and another snow day.

It’s been one of those weeks around here where I’m very glad the week is almost over! Nothing too disastrous has happened but it’s just all the little things piled into one week.


It started with J and I both getting sick at the same time. We both started feeling bad Tuesday morning and by Wednesday ended up with “his and her doctor appointments.” (We’re trying to start a new trend for couples. haha) Anyways, J has bronchitis and I have walking pneumonia.


Then in the midst of dealing with all that, my cell phone goes on the fritz. It was saying “emergency only” on it and I couldn’t dial out, receive calls, or text messages!


Then the computer went wonky on me! Actually, it was more a network problem and not a problem with the actual computer. I could get online just not access any web pages. If all that weren’t enough, a pipe in the bathroom started leaking and we ended up with water all over the bathroom floor. Good times, let me tell ya!


Luckily though, J is superman. Seriously, he’s my hero. He fixed the cell phone and the computer! Now, the leak in the bathroom he wasn’t as heroic with and we had to call the plumber. J’s beginning to feel a lot better and I’m feeling a little better.


And you’re probably wondering about Noah – he’s not sick. And I’m hoping he doesn’t end up that way. He’s been very good this week; hyper but good. He’s been my little “Dr. Noah” giving me ouchie kisses, telling me to cover up and drink, and putting his hand on my forehead like I do when I’m trying to see if he has a fever!


I hope next week is a little less bumpy than this week has been!

The Amazing Race has it’s first ever deaf contestant in the upcoming season! I’ve watched The Amazing Race in the past, although it’s been a few seasons since I was into it, but I’m definitely going to be checking it out this season to see how things go for this contestant.

Twenty two year old Luke Adams is from Colorado and is a recent college graduate and a huge Amazing Race fan. Luke is deaf and communicates with ASL (American Sign Language.) He’ll be teaming up with his Mom, Margie, to race around the world in hopes of coming in first place.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out for Luke and his Mom. Will Luke’s being deaf slow them down as a team since his Mom will likely have to sign everything to him or will him being deaf be an advantage to them – they can sign and other teams wouldn’t know what they are saying unless they are fluent in ASL as well.

The new season starts on Feb 15 on CBS. I’ll be watching, will you?

Self Portrait - Reading my Bible

Self Portrait - Reading my Bible

For Christmas one of the things on my list was a tripod. My original reason for asking for a tripod was to be able to take posed pictures of Noah easier. While I prefer candid photos, there are times that I want posed pictures. Studio pictures just never seem to turn out too well with him so I’ve decided to just take my own from now on and thought a tripod would be helpful in this manner.

I did receive a tripod for Christmas. I waited until school started back up to use it and played with it on the first day Noah went back to school. I took some self portraits that day and it was fun! I went to use it again later and it broke!. I think that my camera might have been too heavy for that type of tripod.

My parents were nice enough to buy me another one and I got it last week. Since I got it, I have been taking a lot of self portraits and still haven’t used it for the purpose I had intended. I didn’t realize taking self portraits would end up being so fun!

I’m still learning and getting used to using a tripod as well as the timer on my camera that lets me be able to take self portraits. I aspire to take self portraits as creative and good as this gal’s. Although, I don’t look so hot in this picture, there’s still something about it that I like.

It feels a smidge self absorbed to take self portraits so I’ve had that song “You’re So Vain” (by Carly Simon) stuck in my head.

You’re so vain,
You probably think this song is about you.
You’re so vain,
I’ll bet you think this song is about you.
Don’t you? Don’t you?

hudson200The National Anthem – I’ve heard it sung a zillion times before. I’ve heard women sing it, I’ve heard men sing it. I’ve heard people butcher it (Rosanne Barr comes to my mind here.) I’ve heard people sing it and it sound great.

But never in my life have I heard it sung so absolutely amazingly beautiful as it did last night on the Super Bowl when Jennifer Hudson sang it. I got chills.

I got a little worried at first before a note came out of her mouth because she looked a little nervous – had to be rough as it is her first public appearance since the death of members of her family but she sang it so amazingly and I’m sure her family was looking down with pride.

Just a quick note to say I’m here – haven’t disappeared or forgotten this blog! 🙂 It has just been an insanely busy week for us. We’ve had something to do almost every evening except for one and the weekend is jam packed as well.

We have done a few neat Christmas things this week that I want to write about and share photos as soon as I have a minute and we have some big news coming so stay tuned for that as well!

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