wheelchair-ramp-in-the-snowThis morning I woke up at about 6ish as I do every school morning but my cell phone was beeping with 2 messages from J. The first message said that school was on a 2 hour delay and the second message said school was totally cancelled.

When I had gone to bed last night, I knew the weather man was predicting snow but I figured it was just a conspiracy with the grocery stores to sell more milk and bread. So I went to look outside and I did see a “dusting” of white stuff. The photo on the right is of our wheelchair ramp snapped at 6ish. By 10 AM the snow was just slushy stuff and Noah never asked to go outside and attempt to play in it (it wouldn’t have been good play in snow) so I didn’t suggest it.

So, Noah ended up with a Snow Day on Inauguration Day….

Back before we even voted, I had already decided that regardless of my political views and regardless of who won the election, I would watching-inagurationwatch the Inauguration. I don’t remember watching much of an Inauguration before. I know I’ve seen clips of them on the news but never watched them live on TV as they were happening.

I explained about the Inauguration to Noah and didn’t think he’d pay any attention to it but he did. He ended up watching most of it with me. His favorite part was probably the music! But it was nice to sit and watch it with him and teach him about what was going on.

Well, the snow is all melted and there should be school tomorrow! Noah was out Friday (for a Teacher Workday) and then Monday (for MLK day) so he is anxious to get back!


I have been having some real Space Mom moments lately all that involve Noah and his school. I’m sure his new teacher thinks I’ve lost my brain!!

I was really feeling badly about it and felt like a terrible Mom but yesterday when I was watching The View Sherri and Elizabeth were talking about some of the spacey moments they have had lately. Elizabeth even forgot when the first day of school was and sent her child a day late! I guess we all spacey moments.

Last Friday, I completely over slept and Noah missed the bus. J had to come home and take him to school late.

Then Monday, I was going to make Noah’s lunch and I realized we were out of the already made, frozen, no crust PB&J sandwhiches Noah takes for lunch. So, I go to just make him a sandwhich. Nope, no bread! (In my defense, J fixed Noah’s lunch Friday AM and failed to tell me he was out of PB&J sandwhiches.) Don’t worry – I wrote a note to his teacher and I asked that he get a school lunch that day.

Then Tuesday morning, I completely forgot to put his braces and shoes in his backpack!

Geesh! So far, no crazy space moments today!!

Noah had another baseball game tonight. He really looks forward to them! The other team Mom couldn’t be there so I was dealing with the line up and trying to guard the gate all at the same time. The kids were SOOOO hyper tonight. At the last game, they all sat on the bench and were pretty calm, this week – no way – they were up and down and running all around trying to escape!

It’s all good though. I love it. The BEST part was the professional pictures are in. I just love Noah’s!! Tell me what you think!

baseball-mom.jpgAbout three years ago, Noah started playing Miracle Leaguebaseball exhibition games. They  only had games like twice a year or so and the purpose of the games were to raise awareness and funds (via donations) in order to build a local Miracle League field.

If you don’t know what Miracle League baseball is, let me explain. It is baseball for children with special needs regardless of whether or not they can walk or are in a wheelchair or must use a walker. Through Miracle League, these kids are able to experience the team sport of baseball. Each child is paired with an “able bodied buddy” to help them field the ball, bat, etc. It’s uncompetitive – there are no outs or strikes – in Miracle League everyone is a winner!

The field they play on is amazing. It is made of a special “turf” that allows the wheelchairs and walkers to go smoothly on it. It was super expensive though – 5.55 a square foot!!! – which is why it took so long to raise enough money to build it.

Once the turf was finished, everyone in the community was pretty excited! J signed up to be a coach and I a Team Mom. However, I didn’t get the official title of team Mom at that point because there were too many Moms volunteering!

But this year, they were in need of Moms to be team Mom since they have expanded and there are more teams this year than last. So, I’m officially a team Mom and J is coaching again. I’m really excited. My Mom was always a team Mom, room Mom, etc. and I have always wanted to follow in her footsteps but until now, I haven’t had that opportunity because Noah hasn’t been able to participate in sports.

Noah is SUPER excited about this; however, I don’t think he is too excited to share his Mom and Dad with the other kids! He really didn’t like sharing J at first last year, but he got used to it, so I’m sure he will get used to it again.

Oh, and check out the Miracle Leaguewebsite. There’s a cool slide show at the bottom of the page that shows some of the kids playing and Noahie is in there a few times. 🙂