My musicstarMom, Dad, and I were having a conversation about our favorite Christmas songs lately. My favorite Christmas song isn’t a traditional Christmas carol. It’s Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant. If you haven’t heard it yet, you need to!! It’s quite beautiful and really makes me think about Mary carrying Baby Jesus. How scary it must have been to be Mary.

There’s a newer song out right now on Faith Hill’s Christmas Album that is also about Mary. It’s called A Baby Changes Everything. I’ve only heard it once though but it was quite touching.

Now if we are talking about more traditional Christmas carols one of my favorites is Carol of the Bells.  We used to sing that in High School Honors Choir and we would come off the stage and surround the auditorium. We’d sing the song acepella and the notes would almost bounce off the walls. It was amazing.

Finishing off my list of my top five favorite Christmas songs are Oh Holy Night and Little Drummer Boy. So, what’s your favorite Christmas song?