Well, we havesnowy-night snow in the Carolina’s which doesn’t happen too terribly often. It started snowing yesterday evening around 5. That picture to the right was taken around 7 PM from my bedroom window. I love how you can actually see the snowflakes falling in the picture!

We ended up with about 4-5 inches. (I know, nothing compared to our northern friends but we live in the south so it’s big sleddingsledding1news here!) We also had some snow thunder Sunday night, which I had never even heard of. Our power flickered on and off a few times Sunday night but never went out completely, thank goodness. The television didn’t work for hours but I could live with out that for a bit – power would have been harder to live without.

So they told J not to come in to work, which I’m so glad that they did because people traveling around the same time and same route as what he would have been were stuck on the Interstate for 8 – 12 HOURS!! Holy smokes!snowball1

Of course, school was cancelled too. We took Noah out in the snow for a little bit. He of course loved sliding in his blue sled on the wheelchair er, uh, I mean sled ramp. J taught him how to make a tired-sleddersnowball and they threw a couple at me. (At my feet, don’t worry!) Playing in the snow made Noah tired quickly, he even tried to take a nap in his sled! So he came inside ate lunch and took a nap.

It’s getting slushy out there at the moment but I suspect it will melt (that’s the weather man is saying) tonight and we’ll awake to ice and another snow day.


It’s been one of those weeks around here where I’m very glad the week is almost over! Nothing too disastrous has happened but it’s just all the little things piled into one week.


It started with J and I both getting sick at the same time. We both started feeling bad Tuesday morning and by Wednesday ended up with “his and her doctor appointments.” (We’re trying to start a new trend for couples. haha) Anyways, J has bronchitis and I have walking pneumonia.


Then in the midst of dealing with all that, my cell phone goes on the fritz. It was saying “emergency only” on it and I couldn’t dial out, receive calls, or text messages!


Then the computer went wonky on me! Actually, it was more a network problem and not a problem with the actual computer. I could get online just not access any web pages. If all that weren’t enough, a pipe in the bathroom started leaking and we ended up with water all over the bathroom floor. Good times, let me tell ya!


Luckily though, J is superman. Seriously, he’s my hero. He fixed the cell phone and the computer! Now, the leak in the bathroom he wasn’t as heroic with and we had to call the plumber. J’s beginning to feel a lot better and I’m feeling a little better.


And you’re probably wondering about Noah – he’s not sick. And I’m hoping he doesn’t end up that way. He’s been very good this week; hyper but good. He’s been my little “Dr. Noah” giving me ouchie kisses, telling me to cover up and drink, and putting his hand on my forehead like I do when I’m trying to see if he has a fever!


I hope next week is a little less bumpy than this week has been!

note-from-ttfThe tooth fairy paid a visit to our house this week. Even with this bad economny, you wouldn’t beleive the inflation in the price of teeth. The tooth fairy left Noah four dollars!

She wanted Noah to actually be able to buy something with his money and knew that 4.00 would be about enough to buy a book (in the Children’s section) at WalMart. She also left Noah a little with his money which he thought was very cool. It was wrapped around the money.

reading-new-book1The next day we went to WalMart after school and Noah chose a book. He bought Not Going to Get up Today by Dr Seuss. He is a big Seuss fan and always giggles at the silly rhymes. Between J and I, we’ve probably already read the book at least 10 times!

america-flairI think I just might be the proudest Mom in America today. Yesterday we had parent/teacher conferences and workshops at Noah’s school.

For those of you who know Noah, you know that behavior can sometimes be a struggle for Noah. He has at times been physically (hitting, biting, scratching himself and others) and verbally (yelling and screaming loudly) aggressive. This isn’t something new – it’s something that has been going on for years. The frequency has slowed down a lot over the years though.

His teacher was very happy to report that he has not had any verbal or physical aggression since NOVEMBER!!!

It’s hard to put into words how proud I am of that little guy!! Noah is the type of child who responds very well to praise so J and I told him (and later Nana and Grandad did too!) how proud of him we were over and over. I told him I was the “proudest Mom in America.” He thought this was funny and wanted me to say it over and over.

I think I really am the Proudest Mom in America. 🙂

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wheelchair-ramp-in-the-snowThis morning I woke up at about 6ish as I do every school morning but my cell phone was beeping with 2 messages from J. The first message said that school was on a 2 hour delay and the second message said school was totally cancelled.

When I had gone to bed last night, I knew the weather man was predicting snow but I figured it was just a conspiracy with the grocery stores to sell more milk and bread. So I went to look outside and I did see a “dusting” of white stuff. The photo on the right is of our wheelchair ramp snapped at 6ish. By 10 AM the snow was just slushy stuff and Noah never asked to go outside and attempt to play in it (it wouldn’t have been good play in snow) so I didn’t suggest it.

So, Noah ended up with a Snow Day on Inauguration Day….

Back before we even voted, I had already decided that regardless of my political views and regardless of who won the election, I would watching-inagurationwatch the Inauguration. I don’t remember watching much of an Inauguration before. I know I’ve seen clips of them on the news but never watched them live on TV as they were happening.

I explained about the Inauguration to Noah and didn’t think he’d pay any attention to it but he did. He ended up watching most of it with me. His favorite part was probably the music! But it was nice to sit and watch it with him and teach him about what was going on.

Well, the snow is all melted and there should be school tomorrow! Noah was out Friday (for a Teacher Workday) and then Monday (for MLK day) so he is anxious to get back!

Here’s the photos from the first week of P365 along with the journaling that goes with them.  Although, I have only been doing this for a little over a week at this point, I’m really enjoying it. It’s making me appreciate the little things in life. Some days it is really hard to choose just one photo!! While being a Mom is the center of who I am, I’m really making a conscious effort to include more than just photos of Noah because I am more than just a Mom. I really want this book to end up being MY interpretation of MY world through MY lens in 2009. (which is what I”m thinking the title will end up being)

I’m still working on the first layout but probably won’t get it done till next week. I’ll share it when I do though. Some people are doing their layouts by weeks, “week one, week 2” and so on, but I think I might break mine into months and do a monthly page with a cover photo using my favorite photo from the month then simply scrap the “pics of the day” through out the month. I need to keep it simple or I won’t stick with it though! I do think I’ll try and post my photos from the previous week here on my blog every Friday….

Day 1/Thursday January 1

The start of a New Year, a clean slate.  It’s not a fancy photo but I like what it represents. It’s a calendar that was a gift from a friend and I have a purse addiction so the calendar is very ME. It seemed a fitting photo of a new year for a new project and a clean slate for ‘09.

Day 2/Friday January 2
jan-2My boys watching the Gator Bowl on TV. Clemson lost the bowl game but my boys still look smashing in their matching jerseys.

Day 3/Saturday January 3

Noah just loves to look out that window. That’s the window in our bedroom so he has to lie on our bed to look out of it. I call him our little greeter because he will look out the window when he knows that someone is coming over and then he will get all excited yelling when they finally arrive.


Day 4/Sunday January 4
Although my Dad’s birthday is actually New Year’s Eve we didn’t have a chance to celebrate it as a family until today. My Dad is 58 years young.


Day 5/Monday January 5 


My first self portrait using my new tripod that I got for Christmas. It took me a few minutes to get used to the tripod but once I did, it worked and I did pretty well I think. (At least for my first self portrait with a tripod photo) And while this photo isn’t that glamorous, I like it. Even though I’m in my fuzzy pink snowflake robe with wet hair and no make up at 7 am in the morning, I like it! I’m drinking my caramel truffle coffee after putting my son on the bus for his first day back from Christmas vacation. I’m basking in the solitude and silence!

Day 6/ Tuesday January 6




I’ve been trying to get a photo of Noah in his hooded Cars blanket since he received it for Christmas. He finally let me as he was being a goofball tonight after his bath.

Day 7/ Wednesday January 7



Some days it’s just about the simple things – today is one of those days. These are my favorite socks.
That’s it for week one!



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