Sadly, Noel went to Heaven’s doggy park on February 1, 2009.

(Photo Graphic made by Alicia)


I got side tracked from my usual meme of posting a quote on Mondays during the holidays but now that life has calmed down a bit and is slowly getting back to “normal” I’ll pick them back up again. Though I am going to change it from “Quote Monday” to “Quote of the Week” so that if I am busy and can’t get it posted on Monday, I haven’t missed it all together.

This week’s quote is one I found while looking for some quotes and digital scrapbooking kits related to pets so that I could scrapbook some pages of Noah and Noel. This quote, along with the picture, makes my heart smile.

playing-together“A child and his best fur friend is a beautiful thing.”

I’ve been teasing you with “big news” in the last few posts. I always wanted to do that like I have seen other bloggers do. hehe

So the big news – we have added a new family member to our little family. She has 4 legs, a cold nose, and chases her tail. Yep, we have a doggie now.

Noah’s been wanting a doggie forever but I’ve always had so many reservations… Would a dog be gentle enough with Noah? Would Noah be gentle enough with a dog?

We sorta ended up with this particular dog on accident. I mean, we were not looking for a dog. This doggie was found on the highway (she almost got hit!) by friends of J’s Dad. They couldn’t keep her any longer so we agreed to take her for a week or so and see how it went. She’s only been with us since Thursday but we’ve already decided – she’s here to stay!

You are probably wondering – what is her name? Well, I came up with some different names and discussed them with Noahie. We want this to be his dog so we are trying to make him a part of everything. So, two of the names I suggested were Christmasy names since Noah is our little Mr. Christmas and since she came to us so near Christmas. So, Noah chose Noel to be her name so Noel it is! And you may be wondering what type of doggie she is – we think she probably has some basset hound and beagle in her. She’s about a year old.

Noah and Noel have done so good together and have bonded so quickly. You honestly wouldn’t know that they have known each other less than a week. She’s gentle around him and even when he’s a little rough with her, she doesn’t seem to mind. I think she just gets it somehow. We don’t know very much about her life before us but she’s so good with Noahie that I wonder if she’s been around children or special needs children before. She’s already protective of him and Noah – Noah is delighted to have her. She’s even taking naps with him!

I think this is going to be very good for him and will help improve his self esteem, teach him responsibility, give him something to take care of, etc….

I’ve taken soooo many pictures of Noahie and Noel since she’s joined our family. Noah just looks SO happy in all of them. Below are a few of my favorites.

Noah and Noel the first night they met.

Christmas Noah and Noel (She’s got on reindeer ears but they don’t show up too well because of Noah’s red shirt.)

Noah and Noel – look at the smile on Noah’s face!

Noel’s First Car Ride (She went to Nana and Grandaddy’s so they could meet their grand dog!)

That one is probably my favorite, not quite sure why since you can’t see Noah’s face but it’s a great pic of Noah loving on his puppy one day after school.

That’s it for now. You can bet that there will be more to come! 🙂