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This past week was harder to take pictures daily, not for any particular reason other than I was just tired and didn’t feel like thinking of what to take a picture of. Ha! But I stuck with it anyways so here are the latest P365!

Sunday March 1
Taken at about 7PM from my bedroom window. See the snowflakes falling! march-11

Monday March 2
Noah had a snow day today and we played in the little bit of snow there was. He had a good time!

Tuesday March 3
Happy Birthday (a day late) Dr. Seuss. Noah loves all the rhyming in Seuss books.

Wednesday March 4
One of my favorite stores

Thursday March 5
I love crafting!

Friday March 6
Playing with my camera in the mirror again.

Saturday March 7
I just love these little packages of decorative tissues. They fit great in a purse or pocket. I think this might be my new thing.

That’s it for this week!!

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 Another week, another month down!

Monday, Feb 23 (day 54)
Noah in his favorite hoodie. It has a guitar on it and is very cool.
Tuesday, Feb 24 (day 55)
Noah LOVES to watch Jepoardy.feb-24

Wednesday, Feb 25 (day 56)
J and I both sick so our house looks like a pharmacy. This doesn’t even include the medicine Noah takes on a daily basis! And yes, those are pretty brown tissues at the bottom. I think it’s turned into a new thing – I love pretty tissues now. Silly, I know, but humor me.


Thursday, Feb 26 (day 57)
I watch The Today Show every single morning. Matt Lauer is yummy eye candy (even at his age!) and a great way to start off my day. I usually have coffee and check my email while watching.

Friday, Feb 27 (day 58)
Noah loves the “big boy wheelchair” at stores lately. Yes he has his own wheelchair but it is such a pain to get in and out of the SUV that we only get it out if it’s absolutely neccessary. We’re going to have to give in and get a van in the future I think because as he gets bigger the wheelchairs are gonna get bigger too.


Saturday, Feb 28 (day 59)
Noah loves to look at pictures. Here he has gotten down my framed photo of me, Aunt LaLa, and baby Nicholas. In this photo, Noah is signing “love” and then he will touch me in the picture, LaLa in the picture, and then he’ll sign Baby. He also likes to point to the picture and tell me that Aunt LaLa is wearing glasses and her arm is holding the baby. He’s way into details.


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The latest…..

Monday February 16 (Day 47)
Is this not the cutest Valentine’s Day dino you’ve ever seen?!? WHAT? You’ve never seen a Valentine’s Day dino before? Well, you have now! Noah brought this home from school today.

Tuesday February 17 (Day 48)
Clothespin photo holder that I decorated for Valentine’s Day and sat on the mantle.

Wednesday February 18 (Day 49)
Rose shaped candle – a gift from my secret sipper

Thursday February 19 (Day 50)
My “seeing eye husband” as I jokingly call him who drives me everywhere I need to go right now without complaining too terribly much!

Friday February 20 (Day 51)
Cute popcorn bowls that were a Christmas gift from my niece.
(Noah LOVES popcorn!)

Saturday February 21 (Day 52)
I’ve always wanted to take a picture of myself in the mirror like I’ve seen others do so I did. That’s me behind the camera where I like to be.

Sunday February 22 (Day 53)
No No hanging out in the Clemson chair. He’s just had his bath and is ready for beddy bye.

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I’ve been a bit behind on creating the week layouts of my Project 365 pictures. I’m doing things a little bit different as opposed to some of the other layouts I’ve seen.

I’m doing one week on a page as opposed to one week on two pages like others. This will cut down on the number of pages needed and I’ll be able to have everything in one book.

I’m also breaking things up by month. Each month will have a “cover page” where I’m choosing a favorite picture from that particular month. And each month will have its own color scheme.

So, here are the layouts from January….. 


 January Cover Page
Credits –
Papers: True Blue from A Work in Progress
Snowflakes: Winter Convoyby PinkuPixie Designs
Calendar: Sueli Colbert Designs
Word Art: Me

Jan Week One and Week Two form a two page layout.
Credits –
Paper: Winter Blues by Princess Kate Designs
Days of the Week Strips, Date Circles, and Notebook paper: Life 365 by Weeds and Wildflowers
Template: Me



Week Three and Four also form a two page layout.
Credits –
Paper: Chill Factor by
Snowman and Winter Word Art:  Winter Blues by Princess Kate Designs
Date and Days of the Week Labels: Life 365 by Weeds and Wildflowers
Template: By Me (You can download it here if you like.)


Last of Jan Credits:
Paper and snowflakes from Winter Blues by Princess Kate Designs

I’m behind on posting but not taking my Project 365 pics! Here’s the latest batch…..


Thursday, Feb 5 (Day 36)
Noah’s Cologne
Seriously, I almost cried because my baby is old enough to wear cologne!


Friday, Feb 6 (Day 37)
One of my tea cups
My best friend gave me this one. I got it down from the shelf and cleaned it up for the tea at church on Sunday but Noah shared his bug with me and I stayed home sick instead. 


Saturday, Feb 7 (Day 38)
My Valentine’s Day Wreath

Sunday Feb 8 (Day 39)
Noah was getting a little stressed out so J took him in his room to listen to music which has been calming him down lately. He’s currently very into the Beatles.


Monday Feb 9 (Day 40)
This box arrived in the mail today from a friend and was full of goodies for ME! What a nice surprise! (Ok, there were a few goodies for Noahie too!)


feb-10Tuesday Feb 10 (Day 41)
I love these picture symbol/signs at Noah’s school.


feb-111Wednesday Feb 11 (Day 42)
The tooth fairy came to visit Noah!

Thursday Feb 12 (Day 43)
Reading the book Noahie bought with his tooth fairy money.

Friday Feb 13 (Day 44)
Another Valentine’s Day wreath. Noah helped make this one. He really likes glue! I was going to have him help me glue glitter on the front of it but we ran out of time.

feb-14Saturday Feb 14 (Day 45)
Valentine’s Day is also J’s birthday. The candles and singing Happy Birthday are Noah’s favorite part of any birthday so he ALWAYS helps no matter who’s birthday it is!

Sunday Feb 15 (Day 46)
J’s Birthday Balloons

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The latest installment of my Project 365 Photos…….. 

Thursday January 29 (Day 29 )
I love pictures of sleeping children, especially mine!jan-291

Friday January 30 (Day 30 )
Me – Cooking dinner. I’m making one of my specialities, a recipe I invented called “Mississippi Girl Chicken Enchiladas.” (They are one of J’s favorites.) You probably can’t tell in the photo but my apron says “Domestic Diva.”


Saturday January 31 (Day 31 )
Sushi for lunch – yumo!


Sunday February 1 (Day 32 )
My Momma with her kitties


Monday February 2 (Day 33)
J’s new GPS thingie. It was an early birthday gift from my parents and came quite handy on our trip to Atlanta. I really like the restaurant finder!


Tuesday February 3 (Day 34)
We had lunch with my Bestest Bud on the way home from Atlanta.feb-3
Wednesday February 4 (Day 35)
Nothing could be finer than to be back home in South Carolina!feb-4



I’ve finally gotten a handle on my layouts and will be posting those soon. You can view all my Project 365 pics and posts here.

Thursday January 22
This is my quote box. I love quotes and this way I can keep them handy. Each time I come across a quote I like, I jot in down on an index card and stick it in the box.

Friday January 23 (Day 23)
I love these snowman salt and pepper shakers that were a gift from a friend. Sadly, it’s almost time to put them up. I’ve been on the lookout for some Valentine’s Day salt and pepper shakers as well as some Easter/Spring/Summer themed ones. Aside from these, I have leaf shaped ones and tigers for football season.

Saturday January 24 (Day 24 )
During this time of year, this “Uncle Sam” can be seen on a busy intersesction in our town holding a sign for Liberty Tax Services. He cracks me up!

Sunday January 25 (Day 25)
My new glasses – picked them up yesterday.

Monday January 26 (Day 26)
In the buggy at Wally World.

Tuesday January 28 (Day 28)
I received this card in the mail today from my Secret Sipper. I love the quote she wrote on the inside: “Those of us who have hope have everything.”

Wednesday January 28 (Day 28 )
Unlce Sam was out earlier in the week but today (the male version of) the Statue of Liberty was out waving at drivers. This time I just snapped the photo from the moving car.

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