Children everywhere have already written or will be writing their letters to Santa with their endless wish lists. Some of those letters will be mailed off to the North Pole or maybe dropped off at Santa’s mailbox at the mall but this year I encourage you to do something a little different with your child’s Santa letter. Take your letter and drop it in the special Santa’s collection mailboxes at your local Macy’s.

“Why Macy’s?” You are probably wondering. Well this year, Macy’s is donating $1.00 for each letter dropped in their special collection mailboxes to the Make a Wish Foundation. (Up to $1,000,000.) 

Macy’s is also encouraging American’s to have the holiday spirit with their Believe Meter. The Believe Meter will measure America’s belief, based on our collective spirit – including the amount of letters received and other current events that reflect the season’s generosity.

There’s some fun stuff on the Macy’s website with their Believe Campaign. They have some free downloadable stationary you can print out for your child to write their letter to Santa on.

If you need some help getting in the holiday spirit check out the Belief section on the Make a Wish website. You can read some of the letters to Santa written by Make a Wish Foundation kiddos and they are precious.  (Click on Virginia’s letter to Santa to read them.)

Since he is such a high tech little dude, Noah normally emails his letter to Santa. (In fact, he’s already written it; I’ll post it soon, it’s hilarious!) But because I believe in the Make a Wish Foundation and love that the proceeds are going to them, we’ll make a special trip to Macy’s and drop his letter to Santa in the mailbox there too.


As the mom of a special needs child, I’m always on the lookout for disabled people and their disabilities to be highlighted in positive ways. I love for the general public to be able to see the disabled in a positive light. There is one new holiday commercial that I am just in love with as it features signing, commonly known as American Sign Language.

This commercial is for Kay’s Jewelers and features a young couple by a Christmas tree. The young man of the couple begins to sign and speak and says (to the young lady) that he isn’t very good at signing yet but he is trying. She signs to him and the captions on the screen tell us that she says he is doing just fine.  Then, he tells her (in sign language of course) that he learned a new sign today and he signs “Merry Christmas.” And then he hands her a Kay Jeweler’s box. She opens it and inside is a beautiful silver watch. He then asks her if she likes it and she signs “Read my lips” and then lays on a big smooch.

This is one of those commercials that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy and it makes me proud that it’s a commercial featuring something considered to be a disability.

Check out the commerical here – you won’t be sorry!



ribbon-organizerI love ribbon and have gobs and gobs of different types of ribbon. I will buy it for no real reason, just because I think it is cute. Luckily though, I use ribbon in a lot of different craft projects so it does not just sit and collect dust.

With all the ribbon I own, storing the ribbon can sometimes be an issue. In the past I have had to come up with creative solutions of how to store my ribbon. I have written before about using photo storage boxes to store my ribbon and while this worked it was also a tad time consuming to put holes in the sides of the boxes and sometimes the ribbon got stuck and wouldn’t thread through properly. It was working but it just wasn’t a perfect system.

And then I received one of the new Craft Mates Ribbon Storage Organizers

These organizers are made out of a hard durable plastic and are clear so you can easily see what ribbons are stored on the inside if need be. There are no decorations or anything on the containers however it does say “Craft Mates” in small letters on the front.

It has seventeen plastic dividers that can come out easily so that you can store up to seventeen different ribbons in the container. If your ribbons are wider, it will hold ribbons up to 3 ½ inches wide. Once inside the container, the ribbons slide through a little plastic part and hang out. You can easily roll out whatever amount you need and snip it off.  There are also two little locks on each end of the container so that it won’t accidentally come open.

If you have lots and lots of ribbon like I do, don’t worry, you can easily stack these containers on top of each other creating a great storage solution for ribbon. Thus far, I have no complaints with the Craft Mates Ribbon Storage Containers.



When we were in Mississippi we went to one of my all time favorite restaurants, Cock of the Walk. We used to frequent that restaurant when we lived in Mississippi and we try to go eat there every time we are back in MS.  They have the best catfish! 

I wrote a review for Associated Content about Cock of the Walk, so check it out here.

noahandmamaontaxijamweb11.jpgI recently wrote a review of the southern amusement parks that we have visited and rated them on how wheelchair friendly they are. It’s published on Associated Content so check it out!

I’m so used to writing about adoption that it was super nice to change pace and write about something different lately. I really feel that God has given me a talent in writing and while writing about adoption is near and dear to my heart, lately I feel like I should be writing about and for things pertaining to the special needs community.

Photo is me and Noah on Taxi Jam, his favorite ride at Carowinds