Well, folks, it’s football season. Clemson football season to be exact. So what does this mean? It means my weekends now revolve around the Clemson football schedule! If you want to hang with me on a weekend during football season, you better check the Clemson schedule first! At least, I knew what I was getting into before I married J!

He’s turning Noah into quite the little tiger. His favorite color is now orange and he HAD to have the Clemson backpack for school and he now watches the games with “the boys” meaning J and his friends.

So, I’ll end this with saying:

Gooooooooo Tigers!


Their have been lots of Season finales this week; Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Ugly Betty, and Grey’s just to name a few.

There was one more Grandad and Noah hittingfinale for us and that was the end of the 2008 Spring season of Miracle League. I am sad about it this year. I have enjoyed it more this season than any other season before. Perhaps because I was Team Mom, perhaps because the kids seemed to get along well with one another. Perhaps I was just in a baseball mood all season. Who knows? 

The end of the season party was last night. It’s usually pretty chaotic. They have pizza for the kids and parents, then the kids get trophies, and then each team plays one inning. Since they were only playing one inning, the kids were asked to bring their own buddy (family member or friend) as opposed to the usual buddies which are high school students, college students, church youth groups, etc. When I asked Noah who he wanted his buddy to be, he chose Grandad. 

So, Grandad was happy to oblige and I Noah and Grandad Runningthink Noah probably had the most fun that he has had a game all season. He really seemed to enjoy himself and he had huge smiles on his face when Grandad was helping him hit the ball and wheel around the bases.

Time flies, so before we know it, it will be the fall season!

Edited to add: Noah was sitting in my lap looking at these pictures and he thinks the speech bubbles are hilarious!