I mentioned in my last post that I was considering moving my blog. Well, I did!!

You can find my new blog at http://www.coleybelle.blogspot.com.

Be sure to come visit, update your bookmarks, and what not!!!


Anyone else out there who uses WordPress having problems lately? I can’t post photos or get to the categories or anything like that. Grrrrrr! So frustrating when you want to post but it’s not working out right.

Here’s the photos from the first week of P365 along with the journaling that goes with them.  Although, I have only been doing this for a little over a week at this point, I’m really enjoying it. It’s making me appreciate the little things in life. Some days it is really hard to choose just one photo!! While being a Mom is the center of who I am, I’m really making a conscious effort to include more than just photos of Noah because I am more than just a Mom. I really want this book to end up being MY interpretation of MY world through MY lens in 2009. (which is what I”m thinking the title will end up being)

I’m still working on the first layout but probably won’t get it done till next week. I’ll share it when I do though. Some people are doing their layouts by weeks, “week one, week 2” and so on, but I think I might break mine into months and do a monthly page with a cover photo using my favorite photo from the month then simply scrap the “pics of the day” through out the month. I need to keep it simple or I won’t stick with it though! I do think I’ll try and post my photos from the previous week here on my blog every Friday….

Day 1/Thursday January 1

The start of a New Year, a clean slate.  It’s not a fancy photo but I like what it represents. It’s a calendar that was a gift from a friend and I have a purse addiction so the calendar is very ME. It seemed a fitting photo of a new year for a new project and a clean slate for ‘09.

Day 2/Friday January 2
jan-2My boys watching the Gator Bowl on TV. Clemson lost the bowl game but my boys still look smashing in their matching jerseys.

Day 3/Saturday January 3

Noah just loves to look out that window. That’s the window in our bedroom so he has to lie on our bed to look out of it. I call him our little greeter because he will look out the window when he knows that someone is coming over and then he will get all excited yelling when they finally arrive.


Day 4/Sunday January 4
Although my Dad’s birthday is actually New Year’s Eve we didn’t have a chance to celebrate it as a family until today. My Dad is 58 years young.


Day 5/Monday January 5 


My first self portrait using my new tripod that I got for Christmas. It took me a few minutes to get used to the tripod but once I did, it worked and I did pretty well I think. (At least for my first self portrait with a tripod photo) And while this photo isn’t that glamorous, I like it. Even though I’m in my fuzzy pink snowflake robe with wet hair and no make up at 7 am in the morning, I like it! I’m drinking my caramel truffle coffee after putting my son on the bus for his first day back from Christmas vacation. I’m basking in the solitude and silence!

Day 6/ Tuesday January 6




I’ve been trying to get a photo of Noah in his hooded Cars blanket since he received it for Christmas. He finally let me as he was being a goofball tonight after his bath.

Day 7/ Wednesday January 7



Some days it’s just about the simple things – today is one of those days. These are my favorite socks.
That’s it for week one!



Well, it’s Christmas Eve!! It still hasn’t sunk in yet…..

We are off to spend the evening at my parent’s house just as we do each year. I think that Noah thinks Santa will miss him if we aren’t my parents!! I’ve mentioned staying home and going over there on Christmas Day but nope, he won’t hear of that! I do enjoy it though. We go to the Christmas Eve church service and then go back to my parent’s house and have appetizer/snack type foods. Then we usually watch some type of Christmas movie – I think it’s been Elf the past two years and then it’s off to bed!

I leave you with this year’s Christmas card. I designed it myself and am pretty proud of it. I made three different ones before this one and they just didn’t say “us” to me. Then finally, when I was finished this one, I knew I had captured us.

Happy Christmas Eve!!


Today is my Momma’s birthday so I just want to give a shout out here on my blog to my Mom. Happy, happy, happy Birthday Mom! I hope you have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow when we will celebrate both our birthdays together!

Noah had Open House and Registration at school today. We got to meet his new teacher, Ms. Allison. He was a little suprised to have a new teacher because he has had the same teacher for the past two years. While we were in the classroom during Open House he kept trying to escape and go to his old teacher’s room! I think the first few days might be a little rocky, but I’m sure he will soon begin to adjust to his new teacher, classroom, and new classmates.

Here is a picture of Noah in his big boy desk during Open House.

Frame by Digitreats

So, I was right – it was World War 3 this morning! We had to get up much like a school day so Noah could be dressed and ready by the time the bus got there. Usually Noah LOVES the bus but this morning? Nope. He didn’t want to have anything to do with riding the bus or leaving me.

It was breaking my heart because he just kept crying big ole’ crocodile tears and poking his little lip out. He said he didn’t want to leave me! I reassured him we’d have lots of time to snuggle and be together later.

I was hoping he’d have a better day once he got to camp but apparently he didn’t. Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better!

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