Wordless Wednesday



Is that not the cutest little baby in a Santa suit you have ever seen?



I certainly think so but I am biased since that is MY baby in the Santa Suit. That was Noah on his very first Christmas. He’s just two months old there and didn’t even weigh 6 lbs yet! So tiny and precious.

Noah (aka Mr. Christmas at this time of the year) loves crazy Christmas socks.

Showing off the Penguin socks….

Here we have the Santas….

These snowman are my favorites and I really want to steal them.

These reindeer socks are his favorites….

And the penguins……
And no, his pants aren’t usually up that high! 😉

This is what it looks like 15 minutes after Noah the Tornado hit played in his room. He has lots and lots of books!



Noah got the Clemson bedspread and sheets for his birthday. He LOVES them and tells me that the Clemson bed sleeps better than it did before it became the Clemson bed!

Taken at the Halloween Carnival last weekend.

My brother wore the shirt below in honor of Noah to his birthday party on Saturday. My brother is always finding cool shirts like these at Thrift Stores. My personal favorite was a shirt that said “I heart (with an actual heart) Daisy.” (Daisy was our Grandmother’s name!)

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