So for the past two years (in June!) I have been writing/working for AdoptionBlogs where IChick Typing have been writing the Unplanned/Crisis Pregnancy, Open Adoption, and on occasion Adoption News blogs. I have enjoyed writing there and the opportunities it has provided me and don’t worry, I’m still writing there, but I just wanted/needed something more….. Something that wasn’t about adoption.

I belong to a writer’s group in which job leads are posted weekly. One job lead caught my attention and it would allow me to work with an old editor who’s style I really liked and I learned a lot from. I applied and got the job thus becoming one of the two Craft and Design Writers for Knack Parenting. Knack is a new (just launched in June) parenting (print) magazine and website.

I’m really enjoying it. I get to write and craft! Each department has a theme, like for June I had to write about 4th of July crafts and for July we are doing summer crafts. Each month there is a down-loadable PDF File/Guide (like a mini magazine basically) that has different stuff related to each department’s theme.

I will occasionally post projects of interest here and link to them. So, be sure and check me out at Knack!


noahandmamaontaxijamweb11.jpgI recently wrote a review of the southern amusement parks that we have visited and rated them on how wheelchair friendly they are. It’s published on Associated Content so check it out!

I’m so used to writing about adoption that it was super nice to change pace and write about something different lately. I really feel that God has given me a talent in writing and while writing about adoption is near and dear to my heart, lately I feel like I should be writing about and for things pertaining to the special needs community.

Photo is me and Noah on Taxi Jam, his favorite ride at Carowinds

Sometime ago, I signed up to write with Associated Content. I just wanted to be able to write about things other than adoption. Ya know, like cerebral palsy or something else of interests to me.

I have only written one article there thus far though and I’m not crazy about how it works there yet. I guess I’m spoiled because at AdoptionBlogs, when I write something it’s posted the second I hit the save button but at AC it was over a month from when I actually wrote the article until when it was published. Oh well!

You can check it out though: What is Cerebral Palsy? If you click on my picture or my name in that article, it will take you to my “content producer” profile. You can then click on subscribe and be notified everytime I write something new, so go do it! 🙂